Synoo Primary School Kenya

Cornvinus donates €9108 to The Water Project

On March 24. 2022 Cornvinus Trading ltd donated €9108 to The Water Project to build a Rainwater catchment tank at the Syunoo Primary School in Kenya.

These students struggle to have water at their school. While they have a small rainwater tank, it is inadequate to provide for the long timespan between rains. So the children dig into the dry riverbed until they find water and collect water from this ‘scoop hole’. This unprotected source of water leaves the children and faculty at the school open to all sorts of water-borne illnesses.

This donation will go towards constructing a 104,000-liter rainwater harvesting tank, install gutters, conduct hygiene and sanitation training, and set up two 1000 liter handwashing stations near the latrines to support good hand-washing practices.