3 Important Steps To Finding Your Target Audience

An oft-neglected aspect of digital marketing is finding your target audience. However, the truth is that you can have the most well-optimized site in the world marketing actual, high quality products and/or services with world-class customer service, but all of these will be for naught if you never ever reach the right audience for your business.

In other words, finding your target audience is the most important initial step that can make or break your online business operation. Therefore, it is important to properly identify the type of audience that you need to engage with. There are a number of factors to consider such as age-group, interests, income level as well as the location of your potential audience. Knowing these factors will help you to determine the right audience for your business – specifically, the type of audience that will convert into actual sales.

  1. Find Out: What does your audience really want?
    This is the all-important question that you need to ask as a business-owner if you want to be able to properly define your target audience. Fortunately, the answer to this question is right at your fingertips. In this world wherein Google indexes nearly everything nowadays and you also have access to deeper insights from the audiences who visit your page via Facebook. Furthermore, there are specialized social media listening tools that you can use to discern the age, relationship status, and even the particular likes and dislikes of your potential audience.
  2. Engage and relate with your audience
    You understand that you have the products and/or services that your target audience wants, but from their perspective, they know next to nothing about you. It is your job to speak their language and let them know that you understand them and that you actually have the products that they seek.

    You can do this by learning the culture and using the same diction that your audience is used to. Let them know that you are one of them. For example, if your niche is in fighting games, it’s important to learn and use the terminology that they use such as FGC, OTG, combos, and kara cancels. Likewise, if your niche is into women’s cosmetics, you should understand how fan brushes and kabuki brushes are supposed to work and why a buffer is so important.

    Social media monitoring and a cursory reading of related texts to your niche should be sufficient if you are not already knowledgeable in your niche.
  3. Focus on conversions from retargeting
    No matter how beautiful and well-placed your ads and site optimization might be, you have to be prepared for the reality that first-time visitors, your cold audience, will probably not make a purchase during their first visit to your homepage. This is why you should focus your efforts on proper retargeting. Stay within your audience’s radar by maintaining a strong presence in the digital channels that they frequent the most.

    Follow these three important steps and you will find a sustainable audience who will help you grow your business and remain loyal to your brand permanently.

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